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Monday, August 16, 2010

Franny is YOUNG at HEART- A1121217 at WLA

FRANNY - ID#A1121217

"I'll play a game of catch with you if you like" would probably be the first words out of Franny's mouth if she could talk. The greatest joy in the life of this dog is to play catch. She has an amazing ability to catch a ball thrown to her from just about any distance. She does a good job of returning the ball and then waits patiently for the ball to be thrown again and again and again. Rarely does she miss!

Franny is a beautiful tan and white Labrador Retriever mix who is so much prettier than portrayed in this photo. She was found as a stray on June 5, 2010 and is currently housed at the West Los Angeles Animal Shelter. Franny is described as an eight year old spayed female but may actually be a little older than that. The coloring on her muzzle is a little deceiving and perhaps the whiteness of it gives her an older look but it may also be part of her original color. In spirit this dog is young at heart and raring to go.

Franny appears to be in excellent physical condition. She has an amazing personality with a very gentle temperament and a happy, tail wagging disposition. She knows some commands such as "sit". She is very easy to walk on leash and does not appear to be dog reactive . In the play yard she loves to run around the yard with the volunteer never pulling, never straining at her leash and clearly enjoying the human contact that she has with the shelter staff and volunteers.

Franny is a delightful dog who because of her age may have more difficulty finding that forever home for the last years of her life. She would make a fantastic companion for just about anybody. She has obviously been part of a family that loved her because she is so comfortable and happy around people. Her wish now is that someone will look beyond the graying muzzle and see the inner beauty and love that she has to offer. She is a happy dog with a great joy for life besides she plays a mean game of catch!!!


Shelter: 213 485 0494/ 0495/ 0496

Cell: 213 7925811


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