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Monday, August 16, 2010

JENNA: ID#A103535 Needs OUT!

JENNA: ID#A103535

Jenna is a 5 yr. old spayed black and white Labrador Retriever/ Australian Shep - WHO IS IN DANGER OF BEING PUT DOWN VERY SOON!!

Her only problem with her previous family was that she did not get along with a small dog who visited the family occasionally. At the shelter and at a mobile adoption she spent time with small dogs and did well. She seems to be frightened of larger dogs and will growl at them. Jenna comes with two FREE training sessions from one of the best dog trainers in Southern California.

Life has not been kind to Jenna.

First, the cards are stacked against this wonderful, sweet dog. She's black! Black dogs are commonly the last to be adopted and are often overlooked. They are frequently passed up at shelter and end up being euthanized.

Jenna has been at the shelter since April 7, 2010 so clearly her time is almost up. She spent 5 months with her last family. She loved their 2 children and was AMAZING with them. She was very much a family dog. She was loved by that family and was described as an all around great dog who walks well on leash, knows commands of sit, down, shake and roll over. She is also housebroken. She is a sweet dog who is eager to please and is very treat motivated.

This is a one great dog whose life hangs in the balance.

Jenna's wonderful black tail wags all of the time. She is very calm when taken out for walks and is described by the staff as an all around great dog.

Please help this girl find a forever home. Please stop her from becoming yet another black dog euthanized at the shelter - SHE DESERVES SO MUCH MORE THAN THAT.

JENNA: ID#A103535
Shelter: 213 485 0494/ 0495/ 0496
Cell: 213 7925811

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