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Monday, August 9, 2010

Monday's Dog: Darwin A272936 at Pasadena Humane

Darwin (A272936) is one year and seven months old and was found roaming stray in the street by a kind hearted person, who brought him to us. Darwin (A272936) has been here since early July and unfortunately, has not been adopted yet.

He has proven to be a very clever boy and to have a heart of gold. This big lovebug is a staff and volunteer favorite and received top scores in all his behavior tests. This means that he is great with other dogs, loves to be petted and touched, has no problems giving up food or fancy toys. He is across-the-board a fantastic dog!

Darwin (A272936) adores his trips to the park nearby and our volunteers say that he gets really excited to be on the grass in this hot weather! He would dearly love to find a home and would surely be in heaven if he had a yard to play in. If you can help Darwin to find a forever home where he can lounge around in the sunshine and snuggle up with you in front of the TV, please contact us TODAY. He is such a fun dog with lots of youthful energy that he will make someone a terrific companion for walks to the park or long hikes!

Darwin (A272936) weighs approximately 70 pounds and will be neutered and microchipped before he leaves the shelter. If you can help him by rescuing, adopting or networking him, you can contact us for more information at 626-792-7151 ex. 116 for Lorna, ex. 121 for Kevin, ex. 128 for Stephanie and you can email us at rescue@phsspca.org, kevin@phsspca.org or svogita@phsspca.org.

Thank you!!

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