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Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Beautiful Seniors at SLA shelter need your help today!

I received this email today featuring these 3 lovely dogs that are currently located at the SLA shelter.  The descriptions were written by one of the SLA staff, James, who is a real animal lover and wants to do whatever he can to help.
Please take a trip down to the SLA shelter because they always have tons of amazing dogs and cats that desperately need another chance at life. SLA can always use volunteers as well. Please consider!
To meet these adorable doggies today please go to:
South L.A. Shelter
3612 11th Ave.
Los Angeles, CA 90018

Tyler ID# A0336830
 A 14-year-old, neutered Terrier-mix.  Relinquished for “no time.”  Described by his “humans” as housebroken; friendly with company; good with dogs; okay in a car and on leash.  I found him to be gentle, soulful (his eyes speak volumes), walks well, loves soft treats, enjoys sitting in a lap and giving soft kisses.  Tyler is low maintenance and would be a wonderful companion for someone who just enjoys hanging around. 

Cookie ID#A1287314
An approximately 8-years-old, spayed Australian Shepherd.  Relinquished for “no time.”  “Humans” said she was outside day and night, but is ‘partially housebroken.’  It appears there was never any time given to Cookie.  This once stunning dog weighed in at the shelter at 129 pounds (about 60+ pounds overweight) and required heavy-duty grooming.  I called her the “Cookie Monster,” but in a nice way.  She is gentle and seemed fine when introduced to a much smaller dog.  She needs someone who will stop feeding her cookies and who will take her for walks and help her lose weight. 

Phillip ID#1285312
An approximately 9-years-old, neutered Finnish Spitz/German Shepherd-mix.  Relinquished for being “vocal.”  This handsome, albeit overweight dog, was probably crying out for attention.  Judging by his fly-bitten ears and front teeth that are nubs, this boy probably spent his life outdoors with little human interaction.  When he was brought in to the shelter, there was neither a profile nor even the dog’s name provided.  ACT James thought the name “Phillip” suited him because it sounds “distinguished.”  And Phillip is just that.  He is sharing a kennel with another dog, and despite the barking and commotion inside the shelter, I never heard Phillip make a sound.  He walks well on leash and seemed to enjoy the attention he was getting and did not fuss when I could not resist “smooshing” his jowls.

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