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Wednesday, February 22, 2012

The wonderful Wyatt available now through Much Love Rescue in Los Angeles!

This wonderful dog was brought to my attention by my good friend and animal advocate Stefanie Michaels also known to millions of people as Adventure Girl!

Wyatt is with the rescue group Much Love.  They are a great  rescue group who have always supported our shelters.  They have terrific dogs and cats. ML can be found doing their adoption events on most Sundays at  2515 Main Street in Santa Monica.  Please consider Wyatt as your next best friend!

Here is what Stacy Bodell of Much Love has to say about the wonderful Wyatt!

WYATT!!!!  PLEASE!!  We have had this dog for a year and a half!!!!!
 Wyatt is a young, playful, energetic dog who desperately needs a home! He is very sweet and loves people. He is fine around other dogs if the dogs like to play. He has a "big hello" so he would overwhelm a shy or submissive dog - but he truly just wants to play! All of his energy is good natured and goofy - no aggression. He is eager to please and learns quickly. He is great in the home - housebroken and a good boy if left alone. He needs daily exercise to keep his thin legs strong. He’s a wonderful walker, hiker and loves short runs of a couple miles. We also suggest easy stretching exercises for treats to keep him happy and healthy. He is a wonderful dog!

Stacy BodellMuch Love Animal Rescuewww.muchlove.org

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