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Monday, March 24, 2008

The Shelter Chronicles: The forgotten dog

This girl wants to know, will YOU take her home?
Brianna A893324
Shepherd mix
6 years old

Brianna, Brianna, our forgotten doggie. Why oh why is she still at the shelter? Yes, she did get adopted once and then returned about a week later. Very sad for Brianna.

Not sure why she was returned, I believe it was ALLERGIES! That's one of the worst lame-ass reasons for returning a dog that drives me crazy! How can a person go to a shelter, take home a dog, decide after bringing the dog home that they are too allergic to have a dog? How did they not know this before hand? Unbelievable!

But I digress, what I really want to talk about is this lovely girl Briana who loves everyone! She is such a nice dog who really needs a family to get her out of this mess! Somehow she has been overlooked by potential adopters. How can anyone miss that face?! I mean she is on the quiet side and does not demand attention from passerbys. You've heard that saying, the squeaky wheel gets oiled...

More importantly, Briana has good obedience training and would enjoy learning more. She loves to play fetch, it's one of her favorite things to do besides getting major love from anybody! Bri's only issue would be her leash manners which volunteers are working on and seeing excellent improvement! This girl has energy, so she can use a good run now and then and lots of long walks. Don't forget playing fetch! She's perfect for anyone looking for a workout companion or just a great friend.

Not sure about her with other dogs... I think handled correctly, she'd be fine! But what about you single types who just want one good dog?! I know you're out there!!

Come see her at the West LA Shelter right now!

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