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Sunday, March 23, 2008

The Shelter Chronicles: So many dogs...

So little time...

Well, we seem to be under a little more pressure than "normal" (whatever that is) to get our long termers adopted! Currently, there are several dogs who for various reasons have worn out their welcome at the shelter. Every day seems to be a new day at WLA and change is just something we have to get used to as it is inevitable.

Sadie A#909848 (photo by Seth Casteel)
A very sweet girl! Medium size/3 years/ Bulldog/Pit mix

This is Sadie, a dog who has been consistently overlooked for some reason. I think part of it is that she is a little reserved in her kennel and is not super licky lovey with those she doesn't know. I have been taking her out pretty regularly lately and she has definitely come out of her shell. She is a darling dog. She has pretty light brown eyes and a funny wrinkled ear. My favorite thing about her is that she snorts! She sounds like a little piggie! So cute. Plus, she is the perfect size dog for most households.

Sadie, doesn't seem to know much obedience. She does sit in her kennel and appears to have pretty good manners. I think it's hard to see her true personality because she is stressed by the environment. However, I have gotten glimpses of her vivacious side! She likes to play and run around. She sometimes runs right into me with a huge smile on her face! She also loves belly rubs and I think this is when she's happiest.

On walks, Sadie is a good girl. A little pulling, but not terrible. She isn't super reactive to other dogs and situations so I feel she is fairly easy to control. Still, she's strong so probably not a great choice for seniors. I think she likes other dogs, but this would need to be tested further. I don't see any aggression, but again, sometimes it depends on the situation. Sometimes we see jealousy in kennel mates at the shelter which is misinterpreted as aggression. Overall, I would say she is a wonderful little girl who really needs a break!

West Los Angeles Animal Shelter
11361 West Pico Blvd., Los Angeles, CA 90025

P.S. Good News, Missy got adopted!!!!

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