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Thursday, March 27, 2008

The Shelter Chronicles: Some great dogs who need help

Here are some dogs who, for some reason, are not getting the attention they deserve. They are all at the WLA Shelter and available NOW! Only Eli is to rescue only, so please circulate his info. I know, it seems crazy that no one wants these beautiful animals...

914086 Princess
This girl has not been doing well. She's been losing weight and getting very stressed from captivity. She is normally a calm and sweet girl. Active but not hyper. Terrific dog!
907431 Joey
This guy is very strong and large. Beautiful dog who is active. Crazy for the ball. Needs a good leader to bring out his best. Not for newbie owners but still a terrific dog for the right person.
904369 Princess
What a sweetheart. Seems great with everyone. Super strong, but very gentle and sweet disposition. A lover girl who needs a loving home!
901017 Eli
The poster boy for Big Black Dogs. Unfairly labeled as "aggressive" due to rough play. RESCUE ONLY and his days are numbered... Sweet guy, just needs a good leader. Loves to play. Easy to correct. Great dog.

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