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Monday, March 10, 2008

The Shelter Chronicles: Oldies but Goodies

Sam and Dino

It always seems that we have some very sweet older dogs who need a new home. There are a few right now who are waiting patiently, but time is passing and months have gone by with no interest. Considering how lazy most people are about training and exercising their dogs, an older dog is actually a much better choice for most people looking to adopt!

I realize that I have posted these dogs before, but it's the older dogs who really tug at my heart strings. Older dogs usually make great pets as they are already trained, mellow and ready to settle down for some reality TV (on Animal Planet of course). They are undoubtedly lower maintenance than a puppy! I just love these older guys who are so giving with their affection and are just yearning to spend time with people. Please, please consider an older dog when you go to the shelter!

First we have Dino and Sam who I feel should stay together. Sam, in particular, needs the security of Dino's calm demeanor. Sam is very sweet himself but not happy unless his boy Dino is nearby. Plus, Sam isn't into other dogs besides Dino. He kind of raises his lip in a snarl when approached by unknown doggies.

Dino, although more independent, also loves the companionship of having Sam by his side. I think they are both such easy going dudes that they would be successful in most any situation. They don't needs tons of room, although a small shady yard would be perfect. Sam seems to have some stiffness which may be arthritis. They are content to chill out by your side so couch potatoes are encouraged to apply!

Cole (he's cuter than this picture)

Then there is Cole. He is tall, dark and handsome. He is a Black Lab, who is quite thin right now, but ball crazy as are many Labs. He's probably about 9 years old and is slightly arthritic in his hind quarters. He's really a character though and a very good boy. When not chasing a ball, he'll follow you around probably in hopes of more ball throwing. I think Cole would be fine with a couch potato as long as the person is willing to toss the ball! I mean, you could be sitting or even lying down, he doesn't care!

Again, as with Sam and Dino, this guy would be fine in most any home. Cole just needs someone to give him a break so that he can live out his last years in the comfort he deserves. Come on you Lab lovers, come see Cole!!!!

P.S. Don't judge him by how he is in his kennel, he's much more chill outside of the cage!


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