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Friday, May 2, 2008

Tomorrow at Roxbury Park

After the amazing showing at Best Friends, with only one return so far, we are off to the races once again. Tomorrow is the Roxbury Park adoption event in Beverly Hills. I believe that it's part of the Big Sunday volunteer campaign that the city puts on each year.
WLA will bring lots of very adoptable small dogs as Bev Hills is more of a small dog area. We will still bring some of our harder to adopt dogs as well, if nothing else but to give them a nice day out!
The dogs who are going are:
  • Princess, who has been widely networked at this point, is going. She is soooo skinny, it's crazy. She seems happier mentally though. She has been on many past posts.
  • Cole, the amazing ball fetching dog will be there.
  • Brianna, the forgotten girl is coming.
  • Westchester is going accompanied with his newest gal pal Tristen.
Other than those dogs, I'm really not sure who else is going to be making an appearance.
I truly hope we have a few adoptions although we never do very well in Bev Hills...

Roxbury park is on Olympic and Roxbury Drive in Bev Hills!

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