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Saturday, May 3, 2008

The Shelter Chronicles: Roxbury Park Adoptions- You learn something new every day!

Princess A914086: GREAT with KIDS
Iyame A925520: Sweet and Beautiful!
Brianna A893324: Perfect Family dog!

As usual, the Roxbury Park adoption event led to the adoption of 3 small dogs including a Corgi mix, a Carin Terrier mix and a little Basenji girl. Hopefully it'll all work out and we won't see any returns... It's actually rare with small dogs that they come back, but you never know...

Otherwise, the event was a lovely day out for several dogs who are long timers at WLA. Some of them had never gone to an adoption event before. The great thing about taking dogs to these events ,even when they don't get adopted, is that we learn more about their personalities. That info is very helpful in the long run in trying to find them the right home.

For example, Cole our adorable old Lab fellow, who is also the fetch king, was great at the event. He enjoyed hanging out with the older dogs, i.e. Sam and Dino. He did very well, wasn't reactive and basically enjoyed himself a lot along with his handler and champion Tara! He's a great dog who just wants to enjoy his golden years in a nice yard and a cozy bed! Any takers out there!!

Our forgotten girl, Briana, did better than ever! She was hanging around other dogs without incident. That is a big step for this lady. She is very sweet and absolutely loves kids. Her handler, Debbie, said that Brianna would be the perfect family pet! People, this dog loves kids and all people!!! Please come and meet her, she's been at the shelter for ages!!!

Princess, our skinny girl, did very well considering her reactiveness to other dogs. I think what we discovered is that Princess is a dominant female. She is really sweet but bossy, as are many dogs (including my Rottie). She loves to chase balls and play with stuffed toys so we used these kinds of items to distract her from other dogs. As the day wore on she could get closer to other dogs without reacting. I feel confident that with patience and training, she would enventually be fine with other dogs. In the meantime, she is a fabulous only dog and would be a loyal campanion. She's very loving and affectionate. She is also GREAT with kids!

Sam and Dino were stars at today's event. I hope that they are being widely networked as they are the sweetest guys ever. Both like other dogs and are non-reactive to almost everything! They were just wowing the crowd with their charm today!

Btw, it was Iyame who was returned last week after Best Friends. She is that gorgeous GSD who has a lovely temperament. I'm sure she'll find a home soon though. It's important to remember, don't make impulsive decisions when it comes to adopting a dog. The people were not ready for two dogs and realized right away that it wasn't going to work for them. I don't blame them and I can see how it is easy to get sucked into the "saving a dog" thing. However, BE REALISTIC! That is key to making a good adoption decision!

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