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Monday, May 26, 2008

The Shelter Chronicles: It's the Pitts-Memorial Day Adoptions!

In Memoriam

This blog is dedicated to all the dogs, cats and rabbits who have lost their lives at the many shelters throughout the United States due to over population. Animals add so much to our lives, but sadly, we as a society do not value them as precious souls but rather as commodities to be bought, sold and disposed. Please support your local shelters by adopting your next pet rather than buying one online or in a pet store . Save a life, ADOPT!

Please support AB 1684, animals lives are depending on it!

More Fantastic Pit Bulls at West Los Angeles Animal Shelter!

Shane A890083
Shane is the best dog and loves everyone. He enjoys playing and hanging out with other dogs. Shane is about 7 years old and currently learning his obedience! He's got lots of energy!! He's a lover not a fighter!

Charles A938440
Charles may look intimidating to some, but to WLA's volunteers, he's just a big goof ball! I'm guessing he has some bull dog in there as he is a snorter :-) So cute! He's great on leash and very easy to handle. Very friendly!

Caramel A915679
How this dog hasn't found a home yet is beyond me. Caramel is the sweetest girl ever. In fact, she keeps hurting herself by wagging her tail so much and whacking it on the bars! This girl is all about the love. Please, give her a chance!

Ivy A941267
Another lovely little pittie girl just looking for a new best friend. She is very sweet and friendly. I mean how cute is this dog?!!! I don't know her well myself, but I hear tell that she is a winner!

Archie A751168
This guy is so cute and gentle. What a sweetie! Archie is about 8 years old and needs a loving home to take care of him. Look at that sweet face. He is full of love and kisses. What a charmer!


Tristan, Westchester and Megan

These Three fabulous Pit Bulls were Adopted this weekend!!!
Each dog found a wonderful new home, for life we hope!

Know your breed, don't support breed bans!

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