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Sunday, May 18, 2008

The Shelter Chronicles: Updates and NEWS

Sweetheart of the week!

Tristan A932984

Tristan is an amazing dog! She is a Pit Bull around 7 years old with a heart of gold. She has been rooming with Westchester who is the sweetest of dogs. They are a perfect match! Tristan is such an easy dog. She's friendly, obedient, smart, fun loving, I could go on and on. She really is the perfect dog for anyone who loves dogs. The funny thing about Tristan was at first I thought she was unfriendly, go figure! She is the friendliest ever! However, her bark can sound a little serious, but hey, that just means that her bark is way worse than her bite, cos she doesn't bite!!! She'd be an excellent watch dog. Tristan a winner in every respect, just a really good girl. Come meet this beautiful dog today!!


First and foremost, a big announcement:

West LA Animal Shelter will be featured on CBS NEWS on Channel 2 at 5 pm on Monday, May 19th!
Seth Casteel is going to speak about how good photos of the dogs help get them adopted and I will talk about how people should come and visit the shelter and adopt our gorgeous dogs! Also featured are Cole and Sugar, two of our sweet shelter dogs!

Also, the LA Times is running a FULL PAGE AD on Monday, 5/19 featuring many of West LA's most adoptable cuties! Don't miss it!

We've also had some very exciting adoptions recently. One of the most exciting was the adoption of Sam and Dino TOGETHER!!! A lovely gentleman opted to take these two great dogs to his home with a large yard where they can live happily together for the rest of their lives. They were picked up in a pet taxi and driven to their new digs this week! Yay, Sam & Dino! See, good things do happen at the shelter!

Tiger Lily also found a home earlier this week and so far we think it's working out. She moved in with a male rottie, I think... T.L. is such a love that I can't imagine that she wouldn't hit it off with her new friend. It's always easier to find homes for dog-friendly dogs.

Diamond, the sweet Pittie girl with bad luck, was adopted but it didn't work out. She's back at the shelter due to no fault of her own. Just another example of an inexperienced person taking on a dog that is way beyond their ability. Also, just a reminder that it is the responsibility of the dog's guardian to always protect and keep their dog safe. If the dog gets loose, it's not the dog's fault! Poor Diamond, will she EVER find her forever home?

The other news is on Princess, a dog who was widely circulated on the web due to her health problems and the fact that she was red listed. I had also put her up on this blog a few times. She is one of those dogs who captured my heart in that she was having such a hard time adjusting at the shelter. Many people came to her aid and raised money to save her. Still it took some convincing by some convincing people to get a rescue to pull her, but it finally happened. Kudos to Dogs without Borders for taking on this project of a dog!

Princess is currently being boarded at Brandon Fouche's K9 Communications and we are still looking for a foster home for her. I had Princess stay with me one night and she did well. She loved everyone she met! She is a really sweet dog, but she needs to receive training and behavior modification. Princess seems very dominant with other. She has already showed improvement since being out of the shelter but she needs to learn to curb her need to be so dominant. She also has a high prey drive and I would suggest not having her around small animals of any kind including small dogs for now.

I took Princess to the adoption event at Barks and Bitches (love that name!) and even though it was held in a relatively small space with lots of small dogs around, she didn't do too badly. I was a little nervous that she might be too stressed out or show aggression, but she managed to hold it together. She met a few dogs, some successfully. She did meet a dog who was super friendly and non-reactive named Bruce! So cute! Anyway, I really hope we can get Princess the training she needs so she can start making friends!!!

No takers at this event, but I know that Dogs without Borders is really trying to place her in a foster home so I'll keep my fingers crossed!

Don't forget to TIVO CBS News tomorrow 5/19 at 5pm!!!!!


  1. Which shelter is Tristan at?

  2. Tristan is at West Los Angeles Animal Shelter on Pico Blvd/Sawtelle Blvd.
    All the dogs I feature at located at that shelter unless specified. Thanks for asking! I hope you go visit her!


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