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Sunday, August 17, 2008

The Shelter Chronicles: I'm seeing spots!!!

Dogs Rule! Spots and all.

A0626838 - Nicole - Dalmation - 7 years old

I love this dog. There is no dog sweeter, softer, cuter, more friendly, more calm or more lovable. That's it, that's all there is to it. I literally was having a regular hug fest with her! Seriously, she hugs! Anyway, here's the rub, Nicole is totally deaf. But I can honestly say, I don't see this as a big problem. She seems to be very well adjusted. She loves people, all people. She is so gentle and attentive. Really lovely. As for other animals, she shows no aggression or reactivity towards them. Rather she is timid and a little fearful. She has been showing some interest in meeting some dogs recently so possibly she can learn to be with other animals. She would be a terrific dog for someone willing to work with her deafness. She's attentive so I don't feel it would be very difficult to acclimate her to most situations. You don't need a lot of special training, just patience and commitment. Nicole has got a lot of energy left and so much love to give. This is a wonderful and beautiful dog, she needs a home with a loving family or single.

A0964196 - Scruffy - Terrior mix - young

Is this dog crazy cute or what? Scruffy is the sweetest little thing, he's actually small/medium size. He's just petrified at the shelter, completely frozen with fear. This is a dog who needs some understanding so that he can get over his shyness and fear. Scruffy is doing better now with attention and love from shelter volunteers. He has a lot of potential. I can't really say what his true personality is since his fear is the overwhelming personality feature right now. I can say he is sweet and adorable. He was actually really scared when he was having his photo taken but he was gentle and accepting. He doesn't lash out, rather he looks to you for support. Due to his shyness I wouldn't recommend Scruffy for little kids but probably fine for older kids.

A0925224-Kayla - Pit Bull - young

This is a great little pittie girl, full of sugar and spice. She's a great compact size with a gorgeous coat. She's easy to handle for most; I would never suggest a bully breed for older folks though. I don't know this dog too well, but I did find her to be super sweet and adorable. She seems fine with other dogs. And look how cute she is! She was so friendly and smart at our photo shoot. She seemed to know a few tricks, like sit on cue. She has a soft mouth when taking treats which is always a nice trait. I just really liked her. I can see her with a young guy or couple. She'd probably love hiking and activities since she's young, athletic and healthy. Come meet her and she'll work her charms on you as well!

Go To The Shelter!!!!! NOW!!!

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