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Monday, December 21, 2009

Dogs at the shelter! Will they have a merry Xmas?

Panda A1067967 Adult Pit bull

Such a good boy! Panda is a loving pitbull who gets along with other dogs and just wants
to give and get love. Panda is a shelter favorite. Seems to be okay in various situations, not reactive at adoption events and shows very well. He likes everyone! Very sweet!

Red A1066594 Adult Doxie mix

I know why this guy is at the shelter! He's a fearful boy who knows how to use his teeth to relay
his message! IOW, ouch! That said, Red is really cute and actually a pretty nice guy once he gets to know you. I feel sorry for dogs suffering this kind of fear issue as it can really end up badly for everyone. I highly recommend his adopter to be an adult only family, one who can respect Red's need for space, one who will work with him and train him. Anything else probably will not be successful. Red seems okay with little dogs, but fear aggressive towards larger dogs. No cats!

Beau A1074924 Adult Great Dane/something mix

Beautiful Beau, from day one I fell in love with this gentle giant. He is a very beautiful dog with those coal edged eyes. Such a looker! He's very sweet but slightly subdued. I don't know if this has to do with his being at the shelter or what. He responses great to me and didn't seem reactive to other dogs. Not sure if he's dog friendly at this point. He was pretty easy to handle on leash. I think he's great and certainly deserves a chance at life!

Humus A1056547 Adult Rat Terrier

Humus is a funny little fellow. He's madly in love with some people and fearful of others. Once you gain his trust though, he is a velcro dog! He has a very adorable soulful face. He's really small and seems to be more head than anything else! What a character!! This boy is a snuggler so if you are in the market for a little lap doggie, Humus is your man! Best with adults!

All these dogs, plus many more are available at the
West Los Angeles animal Shelter:


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