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Tuesday, December 29, 2009

Say good-by to Hollywood, unless someone gets him out of SLA NOW!

Look at this amazing dog!

Turned in because of a tragedy in the family. Separated from his life-long companion. Painfully skinny. Hollywood (A1079047, 4 year old, smooth collie / Husky mix, with one stunning blue eye and one ear standing upright, red-listed on 12/23 -- so nearly out of time!!!!) gulped down the big bowl of food we offered. And when we left the room, he cried continually until we returned. This is a dog who quickly develops strong bonds with the people who care for him. Obviously, there have not been many. Hollywood loves to bury his head in your lap, trying so hard to get close. He needs a friend -- and now.
Hollywood has been kenneled alone, probably because of his size (I think it was 72 pounds -- but should be considerably more -- those ribs show distinctly). He passed the test of walking through dozens of barking dogs without reacting -- but does seem interested in the smaller dogs.

Please make Hollywood your landmark. Call the South L.A. Shelter at (213) 485-0117 or -0119.
If possible, please drop me a line and let me know he is safe. Many thanks, Andrea ivegonetothedogs@gmail.com (323) 363-4909

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