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Wednesday, December 30, 2009

Urgent! Please help put Marc de Luna out of the dog abuse business!!

Approximately two weeks ago, Marc De Luna was arrested on animal cruelty charges when he starved + severely neglected 67 dogs. If you are unfamiliar with
this case, take a look at this video.

Even though Marc DeLuna´s case is still in the investigation mode, it is
important that we all write professional letters and e-mails, stating that we
want him to be fully prosecuted for the horrible crime that he committed.
Please consider voicing your personal expectation as to how De Luna should be treated.

If you believe, as I and many others do that he should be charged with a
felony, please express this to both the DA and the Mayor. The more
letters and phone calls they receive, the stronger the is message that people
are concerned and are watching, expecting strong action by the City
Attorney's office. To date, De Luna is out on bail, facing a misdemeanor

Lee Goldberg with Animal Advocates suggested the following talking points for any letters or phone calls to Raul Salinas the DA for the City of South Gate:

1. Thank them for their efforts thus far with respect to the de Luna case.

2. Express their strong belief that de Luna's actions were so heinous as to
warrant felony criminal charges of animal cruelty.

3. Express their hope and expectation that the City Attorney's Office will pursue
the case against de Luna as aggressively as possible.

We should also encourage people to be respectful when contacting these folks and
emphasize that the investigation is ongoing, so it is not appropriate to attack

Contact information for Raul Salinas (the City Attorney for South Gate):

He is only at the South Gate office on Tuesdays - His direct dial is 323.563.9538
and the number to his assistant Dina is 323.563.9550 and

FAX is 323.569.2678 - I would also suggest scanning the signed letter and
emailing it to Mr. Salinas for Urgent delivery at dzaragoza@sogate.org
(his assistant's email).

Additionally, to reach Henry Gonzalez (the mayor for South Gate), call 323.563.9543.

South Gate City Hall Mailing Address = 8650 California Avenue o South Gate,
CA 90280

If you would like to donate to help the dogs that are now in a rescue, here are
links to two groups that took some of the dogs

To help Petey on his uphill battle to be as healthy as he was when
he checked in, please make all tax deductible donations payable to

Whiskers and Tails Foundation, Subject: Saving Petey.


an organization that took four dogs including one very sick dog named Kitchie.

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