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Wednesday, February 10, 2010

The Shelter Pet Project: New HOPE for homeless pets


The Shelter Pet Project: A series of print and TV ads supporting pet adoption

The Shelter Pet Project is the FIRST Ad Council campaign to focus on pets. The project was announced in September of 2009 and is just getting off the ground.

The Shelter Pet Project is a major Ad council campaign run with support from the Humane Society and Maddie’s Fund. If successful, this campaign could be similar to past historic campaigns that have become part of the country’s vernacular such as Smokey Bear’s “Only YOU can prevent forest fires” and McGruff’s “Take a bite out of Crime.” The power of these ads running nationwide can change the common misperceptions of animal shelters and help end the killing of adoptable animals all over the country.

Why is this important?

Some statistics:

According to the Humane Society there are approximately 8 million animals brought into animal shelters each year and only 50% or 4 million find homes or go to rescue. Of the remaining animals, about 3 million are healthy adoptable pets who are killed simply because they didn’t find an adopter.

In our own backyard, the City of Los Angeles is killing almost 20 thousand animals a year.

INTAKES and OUTCOMES (LA Animal Services)

Table courtesy of http://sheltertrak.com

Please help educate the public and help promote shelter pet adoption!

Join the campaign today!

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