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Thursday, February 25, 2010

What's matter with Brown Mutts anyway????

Katya and Emily, it's a love fest!

My really good friend Katya (www.sheltershopper.com) who loves shelter dogs as much as I do wants to know what the problem is! Her favorite dogs at South LA just happened to be brown. They are super sweet and wonderful. Here is what she has to say about these 3 brown kids who are really on their last day at the shelter!

BROWN DOGS. That's all people see when they walk by their kennels. Just brown dogs, mutts, not puppies and not fluffies. Little do they know they are walking by some pretty amazing dogs! These 3 brown mutts are more than just nondescript mixes- they are good dogs, loving, and beautiful- inside and out. They like other dogs and want nothing but a friend of their own and a warm, soft place. Smooch A1089917 - 3 yrs old - medium size

Smooch is absolutely darling. He is like a giant teddy bear that walks! In his kennel he's shy, but once he steps out and looks into your eyes and sees friendship, he comes out of his shell in the cutest of ways! He smiles. He smooches. He snuggles. Smooch doesn't make a peep, and he's lived with many kennelmates just fine. He's been there since early Feb and is now depressed...people walk by him and they just keep walking, seeing nothing but a sad brown dog. We know they're wrong, don't we? At only 3 years old and neutered, Smooch is ready to go home. He has years of love to give - and we want him to be loved too, please. Time is of the essence for Smooch- he is now on the New Hope list.

Hope A1092173, 8 years old, medium size

Got Hope? This sweet girl is just a heartbreaker. She is mellow and easy, and her favorite things are treats and scratches behind her ears. Hope is the kind of dog you wouldn't even know is at your house! She is a gem, and is kind to both people and other dogs. Not sure if she's actually 9 years old, but she is a senior...and she doesn't deserve to perish at South LA as the end of her life. Hope is also much prettier in person. She has grace and dignity and the most amazing thing is that she holds out hope even though she is an older brown dog at a shelter...giving her a happy home to live out her remaining years would be a true mitzvah (translation: good deed! don't we all need good karma?)

Emily A0850238, 6 years old, medium size

And then there is Emily- her and Smooch could be twins! You know her story: adopted as a puppy, returned later. Emily is already spayed, only 6 years old, and she's ready for a nice family to belong to. Emily has got SOUL. She is a deep girl and would be the most loyal of friends. Emily has been at SLA too long, and we all want to see her get out safely. She gets along great with her kennelmate- a young pittie sweetheart who has actually helped Emily brighten up! Though she seems to still worry about her fate, in her eyes there is faith that someone will help her. Could it be you? Another brown mutt she is not- Emily has strength and sweetness to give...what a great combo for any home!

I know this plea is long- and I know it's hard to look at 3 dogs all at once. But they have the same story- adult brown mutts who get overlooked every day. How their final chapters end is up to us. Please please please pass this along and network Smooch, Hope, and Emily. This is a chance to let them be ambassadors for brown dogs everywhere, should they get the chance to live. Know anyone looking for a great dog? Thank you for caring and thank you for helping me help them! So far $150 has been donated to help these sweethearts!

Contact Katya at www.sheltershopper.com to donate!

South LA Shelter 3612 11th Avenue, 90018 direct # 213-485-0117


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