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Sunday, February 28, 2010

Dogs of the week: Bixby & Lucas!

Bixby A1084901, Bull Terrier mix, Medium, 1 year

It was my pleasure yesterday to spend a good part of a day with the adorable B&W Bull Terrier mix Bixby. He is not only adorable but a VERY good dog.

First off, he was surrounded by little doggies, two of whom had no use for Bixby whatsoever. Hey, what did he ever do to them? Well, you know how those littles can be especially when there is the Chihuahua gene in there. Now Chi lovers don't get mad, you know I love the snarkiest Chihuahuas but they can be very intolerant of big goofy dogs who want to play.

Case in point, our little Chi mix Dutch (about 10 lbs) decided he would be very judgmental about Bixby and gave him a hard time. He even tried to bite him! And what did Bixby do? He totally backed down. Bixby didn't want to mess with Dutch, he was too scary for him! :-)

Bixby really likes dogs of all sizes and would like nothing better to play with all of them! However, he does enjoy hanging out with his peeps too. In fact, chewing on a bully stick sounds like a good time to him.

He is a bit of a puller on leash right now, but he responded great to a gentle leader so he's not out of control. Plus, he's just a puppy so he will soak up any training that you give him. He could be a good match for a family with bigger kids and of course an active couple or single would work for him too.

He's really so cute and well behaved. He's even in the K9 Connection program that I frequently mention which attests to his good temperament.

Come see him at the West LA shelter!

Lucas A1089596, GSD, Large, 3 years

Lucas is a gorgeous GSD who is a wonderful dog. Problem is that you'd never know it if you walk up to his kennel. He'll bark and act like he doesn't want the company, but if you ignore his barking and take him out, he is heaven! Silly dog, he just wants to be friends!

Trainer Robert Cabral made a really great video of him and you can see what a cool dog he is! I mean this guy is awesome!! Robert is totally smitten with him.

One thing that doesn't come across in the video is that Lucas is house trained and will hold it for as long as possible to avoid going in his kennel. What a good boy! Lucas would be a wonderful family companion.

Here is Robert's video and I think you'll agree this boy is a keeper!


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