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Thursday, February 18, 2010

The Happy Ending Project: Jonesy

I am introducing a new feature to this blog that focuses on happy ending stories from the West LA shelter. All the stories will be written by volunteers about dogs they helped save. These stories will illustrate the wonderful outcomes that are produced through our volunteers' commitment to saving these animals. I hope you will find them inspiring!

Please feel free to submit a story to be published on the blog! Just submit them to lola4dogs@gmail.com.

Jonesy when he was at LAAS ca.2008

Here is the original plea for Dr. Jones aka Jonesy that appeared on this blog way back in September 2008. Ever wonder what happens to these needy dogs?

Now, here's the story of how he was rescued and rehabilitated through the kindness and persistence of one very determined LAAS volunteer...

Jonesy: The Little Dog That Could by Marda Winnick

No one knows what happened in Jonesy's young life before he came to the West LA Shelter. All we knew was that he was a terrified, withdrawn shell of a dog, trembling in the dark recesses in the back of his kennel--the only place he felt safe--too terrified to even look at a human.

A volunteer began to work with him. There was just something about Jonesy you could see--perhaps that deep, innate bond between humans and dogs--that began to stir and motivate him.

Gradually, he took one hesitant step at a time, and began that process of learning to relate to humans and most importantly, to trust. You could sense the daily struggle between his terror of people and his desire to connect with them.

Eventually his time ran out at the shelter. Days away from being euthanized, the volunteer agreed to foster him and he was
then pulled by Tails of the City Rescue. Thus began his new life of rehabilitation to ready him for adoption.

A new dog, he began to blossom immediately. A very smart little guy, he learned quickly, and slowly gained confidence. Then, a setback when he escaped and got hit by a car. Though he wasn't badly injured physically, it scarred him emotionally, adding another layer of fear, that of literally everything outside of his home. But even that would not deter him in his quest for a normal life, and he slowly overcame those fears as well.

A year ago, all Jonesy's hard work and trust paid off, and he found his forever home with Rachel and Ryan Gilleland and their cat, Abby.
Today, now known as Tyson, he is a bright, happy, playful little guy who loves his family--and they, him.

Rachel and Ryan Gilleland and Tyson "It's sad to think that Tyson almost didn't get that final chance, but we are grateful to the shelter volunteer and pet rescue services," says Ryan. Adds Rachel, "Tyson is a big part of our family now." And that's all Tyson ever wanted; a loving family to call his own.

Create your own happy ending story by adopting a dog or cat through a
shelter or rescue!

Stay tuned for more happy ending stories coming up!

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