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Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Unhappy Tales of Wilmington Los Angeles

Dog in Wilmington

This is not my usual type of post, but every now and then I think it's imperative to see the TRUTH. This is one of those times when I have to bite the bullet and show you the ugly reality of LAAS not having enough money to do their job. The truth is that they are unable to enforce the laws that protect animals. Apparently the citizens of Los Angeles either think that it isn't important for LAAS to have adequate support or maybe they just don't realize this situation even exists... Well, here it is, at least a very small part of it.

Thanks to Claudia Hoffman who agreed to having her letter & photos shared on this blog. These are all shots of dogs in Wilmington, Los Angeles.

Injured animals from Wilmington
The letter:

Last Friday I got an anonymous call. A puppy in Wilmington being kicked so hard, the kick actually broke it’s jaw. The puppy could hardly walk, was limping and drooling when I arrived. Shop owners said a truck hit the dog. We won’t know what really happened but nobody called animal control for 2 days! Business continued as usual and the dog lied there with it’s broken jaw. Isn’t that animal abuse? The puppy had to be euthanized at the shelter due to it’s severe injuries.

This same junk yard had 4 more pit-bulls running lose. When animal control officers explained the dogs needed to be licensed, they willingly surrendered 2 more unfixed pit-bulls. While loading these dogs, 2 more dogs came out of another yard. Needless to say: unlicensed, unfixed and injured. The female seemed pregnant. I almost got physically attacked by a woman because I called animal control. This area (like many others in LA) is and has been a dumping and breeding ground for unwanted pets for a long time. I reported a similar situation about 2 years ago.

Within 10 minutes the 2 officers loaded up 5 unwanted dogs! These 5 dogs came from only 2 businesses. This small area has at least 30 junk yards. Almost every single yard has between 1-5 animals. Does anyone have any idea what that means? How many animals will reproduce in just that small part of Wilmington? And shouldn't guard dogs finally be replaced by alarm systems!!!

A friend took photos the same day in another part of Wilmington where a guy was selling pit-bull puppies out of his truck! See photos.

This is only one area of Los Angeles where this madness is going on. What gets me most is that nobody seems to care. City officials seem to be fully aware of this situation, yet they don’t do anything about it. Money is the excuse now! Money has been the excuse 5 years ago!

1-2 animal control officers are responsible for the areas of Wilmington, South LA, Watts, San Pedro, Harbor City, Lomita, parts of Torrance and parts of Compton! Please correct me if I’m wrong! Wilmington alone would need more than 2 officers to get back yard breeding, neglect, abuse and dog fighting under control. Not to mention South LA or Watts…

Doesn’t anybody see the irony in this? Or shall I say the insanity! The shelters pay to euthanize animals on a daily basis only to make room for the new stray, abused, abandoned and unwanted animals. Craigslist and the Penny Saver are full of “puppies for sale” or “free to good home” or “stud” ads. It’s a vicious circle and we keep cleaning up the surface. We euthanize these animals and let back yard breeders and puppy mills continue their business. It doesn’t make sense! You don’t even have to be an animal lover to see that this is wrong.

We do have a spay/neuter ordinance BUT it is not being enforced. We do have a anti-tethering law BUT it is not being enforced. Animals are supposed to be licensed BUT nobody checks on it. So much money to be made right there! Additional officers could be paid to clean up this mess and finally enforce the law. Animal Control is doing as much as they can with the little they are given.

Why is this not being taken serious? Should every rescue, individual rescuer or animal lover just forward you the horror messages we receive every day? Would that make a difference? I’m desperate, upset, disappointed, disgusted, confused and sad. This is inhumane and I feel like I’m in a third world country. Will you ever make an effort to change this horror?

Claudia Hoffmann

PS. I also filmed most of what was going on down there if anyone is interested.

This letter was sent to LA city council members, LAAS & the mayor, please feel free to write to them to get support to help our cities animals. Here are email addresses you can use! Thank YOU for caring.


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