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Saturday, June 7, 2008

The Shelter Chronicles: Two-furs

Best Buddies! Two fur One!

Moe A929326 & Petey A929337

These guys are an awesome pair! Both are friendly and a lot of fun. Great dogs for someone with a nice yard who is looking for two great companions. The volunteers who take them out have said they are super easy and great on leash. They are a little older so they have settled down and are over all that annoying stuff! Plus, they are best buddies soooo, you get a deal for adopting both!

Karen A939497 & Ed A939496

These two Shepherds are lovely and amazing. So sweet and easy to handle. These two are perfect for anyone looking to bring love and good karma into their life. Ed is very mellow and loving. Karen is more energetic but also very affectionate. So cute and, again, they are BEST BUDDIES so you get a deal-io when you adopt them both! Furthermore, these dogs would be great with seniors and since they are seniors themselves they are FREE to senior adopters! Yay!

These next two dogs are not best buds but they are both seniors at around 7 years old. They also both came from the South LA Shelter to the WLA shelter. Both are very nice dogs looking for loving homes.

Glenda A933345 & Coqueta A941146

Glenda is NOT sticking her tongue out at you! She's just enjoying a nice little treat! Glenda is a great dog. I know I say that about all the dogs but she REALLY is great! When she first arrived at South LA she had puppies who were all adopted out. Glenda remained at the shelter and due to her shyness she just wasn't getting any interest. Thanks to a really great person at SLA who took an interest in her, she began to come out of her shell. Then, practically at death's door (due to that shelter's over crowding) her fate changed and she was brought to WLA for a new chance to find a home! So, how did she get so lucky? Well, she is just the nicest dog ever! She likes other dogs and loves people. She's playful, mellow and just a beautiful soul. This is a dog that can fit into any home situation! You know, 7 is not very old... She is just pure love!

Coqueta is super pretty! Her coat is gleaming and soft. What a gorgeous girl! Coqueta may be about 7 years old, but let me tell you, she's got some energy! She loves toys and to chase balls around the yard. She's very good on leash too. Coqueta may be a little shy at first but it doesn't take her very long to come around. She's a wonderful family dog who is playful and loving.

Finally, just a couple of thoughts on adoptions. At our shelter (WLA) many dogs who are adopted are unfortunately returned. Sometimes the problem is that people are just too impatient. Always give a new dog ample time to adjust to the new situation. Even though their lifestyle may be improving radically, it can still be a bit of a shock. Dogs are sensitive beings who need our help in understanding what we expect of them. Most people's expectations are just too high right off the bat! So, my advice is to take a chill pill, be responsible and make a commitment to seeing your new dog through their adjustment into becoming your new best friend!

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