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Saturday, November 29, 2008

The Shelter Chronicles: A couple of things

First off, you may have noticed some changes to this blog site, including a new graphic. For the past year or so, I and a group of volunteers from WLA have been working on forming a not for profit organization that would focus on helping shelter animals, primarily dogs. We are called the Shelter Animal Advocacy Fund, Los Angeles.

Unlike rescues, SAAF, LA doesn't pull dogs from the shelter. Instead, we raise money to facilitate rescues, adoptions and support for special needs dogs. We have found homes for so many dogs just by pooling our resources and marketing a dog the best we can. We have donated thousands of dollars of our own funds doing this and it started to make sense that we should find a way to raise money for this very purpose.

Since our org is specifically dedicated to shelter dogs in Los Angeles, I figured it was time to get the word out there! We are serious and we are determined on continuing our work at the shelter by helping those doggies find a way out! So please, support us, support the shelter and support this blog by passing the word around, volunteering at your local shelter and advocating shelter adoptions!

The other exciting thing for me is that I am now a contributing writer to The Wuffington Wag! This is a terrific opportunity to spread the word for our shelter animal cause! Plus, The Wuffington Wag has really great articles, training advice, adoption info plus much more. I'm very proud to be part of the Wag and their pack! Go ahead, check it out: http://wuffingtonwag.com

Okay, enough about me and my projects. Let's get down to some doggies...

Bear * A0974108 * Pit Bull * Young
Bear is so wonderful, why is he still at the shelter? This is a dog who is absolutely sweet and loved by all the volunteers. He's well trained and just graduated from the K9 Connection program. Yay, Bear! This guy is one of those Pit Bulls who just dispel the notion that Pit Bulls don't make good pets! If you don't believe me, come to WLA and meet Bear! He's strong so he wouldn't be a good choice for everyone, but someone who knows and loves the breed would be perfect for him.

Nanuk* A0989125* Shepherd* Adult

This dog is so sweet and friendly. What a cool guy! He is large and kinda loud but a complete marshmallow! He loves to hang out with people. He's a little playful but chill. Great on leash!! This is an easy dog! He loves to be brushed and petted. Wow, why or how he came to be a shelter dog is beyond my comprehension. This dog would fit in just about anywhere. He'd be fantastic with an older person who was active. I admit it, I'm smitten with this guy!

Sterling* A0984880* Pit Bull mix* Young

Sterling is just over a year old. He's very sweet and beautiful, but sort of an enigma. Sterling has become much more subdued since being at the shelter because he was having some problems with the day to day routine there. He is one of those dogs who is triggered by the hose and scary loud stuff which is so common place at the shelter. Poor kid! Well luckily the volunteers all seemed to notice him at the same time and came to his defense, literally saving his life! He's a cool dog for a knowledgeable owner. He needs training but he's still a youngster so it shouldn't be too difficult if you are consistent. Believe it or not, this dog was relinquished due to NOT being protective enough. HELLO!

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