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Sunday, November 9, 2008

The Shelter Chronicles: A Few Good Doggies

Sorry to report but, more bad pix...(except for Sophie)

First some updates from the WLA shelter, Paulo, our one and only, was finally was adopted by a really nice guy who seems to "get it." We are keeping our fingers crossed on that cause you never know how it's all going to pan out in the end. Seriously, I don't take any adoption for granted. That said, good luck Paulo!!! Huge thanks to Bound Angel for making that great video for Paulo!!

Here are some terrific dogs who are currently at the shelter and who REALLY need a home. Some new, some not so new. All of these dogs are favorites of the volunteers.

Charlie A0895899, Australian Cattle Dog mix, young

Charlie is a real character. He is full of fun and energy. The first words out of his mouth would be "let's play!" He's an adorable boy around 1 1/2 years old. He was turned in because he was "eating the furniture." That tells you something, this dog needs exercise, activities and boundries. You can't leave an Aussie at home all day with nothing to do. Plan and simple. Charlie is so much fun! He loves to chase that ball and then another ball, all sizes and shapes. He's got boundless energy. He's also a really nice boy. Gentle and sweet natured, he really likes people and is totally un-reactive to other dogs. He's got great focus. He's a dog for someone who wants to do stuff with their dog like agility for example. What a terrific temperament this guy has! Plus he grew up around a cat so, it seems like he could assimilate to a multitude of situations. I hope you activity junkies come out to meet Charlie, he needs you NOW!

Samson, A0934223, Shep mix, Adult

Samson is a big guy. A macho dude, so to speak. He's a chill dog who really needs to get out of the shelter. He seems un-reactive to other dogs. He's very handsome and is looking for someone who can handle his size and give him a comfy bed where he can relax. I don't think Samson requires tons of room as he's over the bouncing off the walls part of his life. He does need regular walks of course, but he's not like a young playing machine. The volunteer who works with him says he's a doll. If you want a big chill dog, here he is!

Mike, A0981757, Shep mix, Young

Mike is like a dog's dog. He's regular, nothing too fancy, but very nice. He's got energy, but not too much. He's on the larger size, but not huge. He's sweet, but not needy. I really like him. He likes people and will tolerate all their poking and fussing with him. He wants to do what you want to do. I think anyone would like this dog's personality. His one issue, that may just be inexperience, is his over zealousness towards other dogs. He gets a little worked up. Not aggressive just super duper excited. I think with the proper experience he'll get over it and have fun with other dogs. Patience and training is what will help Mike with this problem. Otherwise he is just what a dog is expected to be, a good even tempered friend.

Duke, A0690792, Shep mix, Adult

Duke is a real champ. He's been at the shelter a while and has actually turned out to be a terrific dog according to his volunteer friends. He's friendly and easy to handle. More to come on this guy, but the word out at the shelter is that he's a great dog! More to come on Duke...

Star, A0980454, Rottweiler, Young

What a cute girl this Star is. She is really submissive and just a lover girl! Pretty mellow, she enjoys being with her person. Other dogs don't bother her and she would like to play if the other dog is as polite as she is. She's a smaller version of a Rottie so she's very manageable. Here's an easy one for you Rottie lovers!

Bea, A0975236, Whippet mix, Young

Bea came into the WLA direct from the SLA shelter. She was so scared that she was lashing out towards people in between hiding in her cubby. She's a gorgeous girl with her sleek lines and delicate features. She definitely has that Whippet look to her. She's on the smaller side of medium so she's quite manageable. We are currently trying to get her to be less defensive when she's in her run. She seems a little vicious in there! However, she really isn't. Outside of the run, she becomes her regular self who is just sweet as pie albeit it a little fearful. I fell in love with this girl instantly. Bea is so elegant and has some of the best ears I've seen in a while. This is a TERRIBLE picture so please don't go by this. She is gorgeous, I promise you. She doesn't know obedience but seems fairly mellow on leash and easy to teach. I think she is a good dog for someone who will train their dog and has worked with shy dogs before. She could become protective of her domain so it's important she gets the leadership and training she needs to overcome this behavior. Outside of that, she's a love.

Sophie, A0936867, Pit Bull mix, Young

I just love Sophie (formally Skully). What a terrific girl! She is a lot of fun and full of energy. Sophie was adopted but returned due to no fault of her own (landlord issue). Apparently she did really well in her short-lived home. In fact they said she was mellow in the house. She's a pretty easy dog so don't let the Pit Bull name scare you. She's a sweet dog with no aggression issues towards people. Sophie is a smaller medium size dog. She really enjoys playing with toys and balls. It just makes her so happy!! Her main issue has been her dog reactivity which the volunteers have been working on and seeing improvements. I don't think it's aggression but rather frustration. She is starting to learn to be more relaxed when other dogs are in her line of sight. For that reason, she may not be a great choice for a newbie. However, if you are someone who wants to train their dog, she's a great choice.

Come see and meet all these fantastic dogs at the West LA Animal Shelter!!

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  1. Hi, I adopted my dog from the west la shelter after having been transferred from south central. Here's a picture.


    Here is the picture I saw of him on their website. It clearly doesn't do him justice.


    I took the picture of him the same day I got him. How do we obtain pictures of these special dogs that do them justice to help intrigue people on the west la shelter website? I want to help if I can.


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