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Sunday, November 23, 2008

The Shelter Chronicles: Some updates

Wonderful updates from the WLA Shelter

I actually had a lovely day at the shelter yesterday. It seemed like there were lots of potential adopters and plenty of volunteers to help them out. We spent the early hours having a photo shoot with our friend Seth Casteel of Little Friends Animal Photography. He's so amazing and he always captures the beauty, inside and out, of our dogs. Plus, he's a pleasure to work with, no diva behavior there! That's a HUGE plus! :-) As always we thank you Seth!

There is a big Roxbury Park (in Bev Hills) animal adoption event coming up on Dec. 6, 2008. There are always loads of wonderful pets available for adoption representing every breed you can think of! There will be a large ad in the LA Times advertising this event, so we hope that we can get the people out there to ADOPT!

Some recent adoptions and rescues have been especially heart warming. All of these dogs were long time shelter residents who were rapidly running out of time. The biggie for me personally was getting a home for Princess, the Shepherd mix who cost me an arm and a leg! She went through a behavior rehab program which was truly a life saver for this dog. I am thrilled to report that Princess, now Lucy, is doing amazingly well with her new dad and enjoying her life with him to the max.

The beautiful Lucy at my house fresh from rehab.

Then another terrific outcome for our good friend Paulo. Wow, that took forever but well worth the wait to get him into the right home. He's doing really well and has been renamed Spanky! How cute is that??? We heard from his adopters who are just loving him and they sent us this cute picture! Yay!!! Big thank you to Bound Angeles for making the video that found him the home he needed. What a difference it makes when the shelter gets additional support from rescues.

Can you find Spanky?

Another happy ending has been for Angel, a older Pit Bull who just needed a home to rest his tired head. Poor guy came into the shelter with all kinds of ailments and what seemed to be abuse. Thankfully a wonderful person has taken him in and he's doing really well now. The first foster situation he was in didn't work out, but that happens sometimes. At least now it looks like he has found a home where he can relax!

Angel enjoying a soft bed at last!

Eli is also a lucky fella! His story was a difficult one. His first adoption was not the right fit, but even worse he got into some trouble through lack of supervision. Unfortunately it landed him back at the shelter as a "rescue only" dog. He was at the shelter for the longest time, and finally at the last possible moment, went to Fresno Bully Rescue, safe from what would've been a certain death at the shelter. He's now in a foster home and doing great!

ELI and his new foster mom, look at that smile!

I also heard from Jonesy's foster and he's doing really well. He had a crazy mishap and got hit by a car. Luckily he's recovering nicely from his injury. His mental state has been a more difficult recovery but thanks to a lot of patience and love, he's making great strides. He's made some new dog friends that have really helped raise his confidence.

All I can say is that these happy endings make me so thankful to everyone who made them possible.

Remember: It takes a network of volunteers to get a shelter dog adopted (especially if they are pit bulls).


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