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Sunday, November 16, 2008

The Shelter Chronicles: Give dogs a chance

Part of the problem of being a shelter volunteer is worry. I worry so much about my dogs at the shelter. I worry that they will develop behavioral issues while they are there, especially if they are there a long time. I worry they won't find the right home. I worry they may bite someone and end up with a black mark against them. I worry about their health and safety. Sigh, so much worry.

Today I'm adding a couple of dogs for whom I have great worries about because they have "health" issues which the shelter is limited in helping. Nothing fatal mind you, but things that deter even the nicest folks from adopting them.

However, first are two happier stories which can end up being really happy if these dogs find awesome homes!!

Skiper, A0958137, large, Mature
This guy is so cute, smart and SWEET! He's a big teddy bear. He's been at the shelter for a long time. His roommate Barkley was adopted recently so he no longer has his pal. This is a perfect dog for someone looking for a chill guy who just wants a loving friend or visa versa. I mean this is a dog who want to snuggle, he's that loving. The other cool thing about Skiper is that he was enlisted in the K9 Connection program that matches up kids with dogs to train. It's an amazing program and our dogs love it! Plus it just proves that this dog has a great personality to be in such a program. He's really friendly without aggression issues. He's a little older, but he's wonderful and charming so what the heck! As you probably know, I love older dogs the most and think they make the best pets. Please come meet this cutie pie soon, he needs YOU!

Ranger, A0953814, Large, Adult
This guy is super friendly and energetic! He needs someone who wants an active dog. It's not that Ranger is bouncing off the wall, but he's very happy go lucky and likes to pal around! He's a really good boy with no aggression issues. I can't imagine why he's been at the shelter so long, he's so cool and would make a great family dog. Ranger is also lucky enough to be in the K9 Connection program. Again, all dogs who are included in this program have proven to have the correct temperament to participate. What more do you need to know??? Come to the shelter and see if you two connect and make this good boy a part of your family!

Both Skiper and Ranger will be GRADUATING from the K9 Connection program so please consider these wonderful pets if you are looking to add a family member!

Chester, A0979949, Medium, Mature
Poor Chester, he's such a cutie pie, but he's an older dude with some skin problems. He's awfully sweet and a gentle soul. He'd be happiest in an adult home where someone can give him the love and attention he deserves in the golden years of his life. I'm not one who cares for the dramatic or hard sell, but it seems a shame that such a nice dog should die forgotten at the shelter. Not sure why or how he ended up at the shelter, but I and the other volunteers feel he deserves a warm bed and good food for the remainder of his days.

Jack, A0922499, Medium, Young
This is another dog who just breaks my heart. I've watched him grow up from a puppy and even though he was adopted for a time, he was ultimately returned to the shelter. Now he's an adult and suffering from a type of mange that is hard to get rid of but treatable. This may be why he was returned. However, this is no reason to return a dog! I would hope that a person adopting a shelter dog would be committing to that dog for its entire life not just the cute puppy hood portion of it. Jack actually had this skin condition as a puppy but he was so cute and boisterous that it was overlooked. Now, as a less "cute" dog, he's sitting at the shelter day after day waiting for that person who can get over the fact that he's got a treatable skin condition and who sees what a fun-loving and sweet dog he really is. Jack is a really great dog who probably needs some additional training. Often dogs who spend too much time at the shelter don't always get enough reinforcement of their obedience training so they start to regress a bit. He's still young though and he will a great dog, if he gets the chance. I hate to say it, but this one is urgent.

Please don't adopt a dog if you can't afford things like medical treatment or training. People in this situation often find themselves forced to return their dog to the shelter. So think before you adopt and be sure you can give your new family member what he or she needs in life.

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