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Sunday, December 21, 2008

The Shelter Chronicles: I couldn't Bea-lieve it!

The Bea-utiful Bea!

Last time I wrote about Bea, well, she still was having some issues. However, things have REALLY changed and she is a totally different girl! Trust and lots of love have given Bea a new lease on life. She's so much happier! Her fear is subsiding as she learns that people aren't all so bad. This girl is a special dog who deserves a wonderful home.

Bea's definitely on the shy side and isn't used to the "world,"so whoever adopts this amazing being needs to go slow and respect that she will need time to adjust to any new situation. However, she is so loving and sweet that I doubt it will be a stretch for that special someone who adopts her.

Bea is Queen for a Day at a "crazy" mobile adoption event!
Love that doggie throne!

The store and the adoption "EVENT!"

So, here's the story regarding the weirdest mobile pet adoption event that I've ever done. It starts out that I'm driving to the event and when we get close to the store I see all these people outside of the store. Gee, guess who these people are? They are PROTESTORS! For what? It's a protest against puppy mills. It's a store that sells PUPPIES!

Well, I thought my head would explode! I would never want to cross that picket line, I totally agree with them. So, now what?

I get there and immediately hook up with the protestors to get their take on having this adoption event at this store. They were very cool and understood our situation. As it turns out one of the orgs who would normally protest this store had struck a deal with the store owner to go humane. This supposedly means that he will stop selling puppy mill dogs. However, he still has puppies in the store that cost $1500 and up so...

Anyway, I decided to stick it out for the dogs and hung around for the entire event. No adoptions but it was really more educational than anything else, on both ends. Some people were so touched by the shelter dogs and others didn't even see them, they went straight to the wall of puppies. Some the employees seemed open to learning the errors of selling dogs this way and others just looked annoyed. Who knows what they really thought, but for me, it succeeded in confirming that we live in a in a very ignorant world.

Honestly, I found it one of the most uncomfortable experiences ever in terms of conflict of interest. I won't go into the details but there's no way any of us would do another event at this location if this store owner continues to sell puppies.

Into the Xmas spirit. Check out these hams!!!

Oh wait, here are the real hams!

Merry Christmas and Happy Hanukkah from the jolly volunteers of WLA!

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