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Sunday, December 7, 2008

The Shelter Chronicles: JACK!

The Fabulous JACK! In Trouble :-(
A0922499 - Sharpei mix - YOUNG!!!!

Okay, you know that I have a bone to pick regarding this awesome dog... His idiot first adopter neglected to treat his skin issues and it worsened. Then they returned him and tried to blame it on his behavior. Yeah, right! No one is buying it, especially since Jack has proved himself to be a terrific fellow, friendly, easy and adorable! This guy is a family dog! Not a dog you throw into your backyard to guard your house (which makes no sense by the way since the dog should live in the house if you want him to guard it!) Anyway, I am immensely disappointed to tell you that Jack's going to be KILLED this week (Wednesday) if he doesn't find some kind of rescue situation ASAP. What is going on here? How is this great guy being overlooked? Please come see him and meet him face to face! You'll see why I'm so baffled by the fact that his situation has come to this, probable death.

Also, Jack was at the Roxbury park event this weekend and was fantastic! He was a breeze to have at the park, even though he was surrounded by dogs, kids, adults, bikes, skateboards, etc. He shows no reactivity. Don't get me wrong, he'll need some training, I mean he is an adolescent. Jack is a great dog and I really hope with all my heart that someone saves him soon...

Some more pix from Roxbury Park! These dogs are available and at the WLA Animal Shelter!

Nina-see the last entry for more info on her. She's also scheduled to be put down this week!

Sea Pea now at West Valley & Nina Adopted!

Principe & France Still waiting, both are green-listed.

Buddy Still waiting, also on the green list (soon to be red)

Come to the WLA Shelter to meet these guys, they need YOU!


  1. Poor Jack! Is there anything I can do to make him stay alive?

  2. The only thing that will help is getting him adopted or a reputable rescue org. I wish it was something simple like $ but any donations towards his rescue are always welcome.


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