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Thursday, December 11, 2008

The Shelter Chronicles: Jack and more updates

Take This Boy Home for Xmas! Please...

Well it seems that Jack has avoided death by the skin of his little wet nose! At the last minute the decision was changed to a transfer rather than, well, you know. You can find him now settling in (not for too long I hope) at the West Valley Shelter. Poor fellow, he so doesn't deserve to still be bouncing around the shelter but at least this move will buy him some more time. I'm still working to find a home, a foster or a rescue who will take him...

The other two doggies, Nina and Josie were miraculously saved thanks to the most dedicated volunteers ever! Debbie and Kat were at the shelter keeping tabs and making phone calls. These people worked all day at the shelter making sure that everything went smoothly with the generous adopters of Nina and Josie, although the girls didn't stay together.
Nina is now in Palm Springs and Josie is still near by in Santa Monica! I think they needed to move on in their lives and make new friends. Yay for them, they made it!

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  1. I'm really going to mess Jack! I've known him since he first came in. He was a lovable boy! I love him.


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