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Sunday, July 19, 2009

My new favorites at West LA

Champ A0692443
This guy is so sweet and cuddly. He just loves the love and wants to shnuggle with his person. He also likes other dogs. He's a little nervous at the shelter, but who could blame him!

Milly A1013652
This girl is really great. Doesn't really have any "issues" and even does okay with other dogs/animals. This girl needs a family to rescue her!!!

Bamboo A1033644
What a sweet guy. He's just a love bug. He's a shelter favorite!

ADOPTED! Minnesota A1034225
This is a wonderful girl who is easy and playful. So pretty and a perfect size. She's just happy and peppy and waiting to go home with you!

All these dogs are at the West LA Shelter! They all need a home ASAP, so don't wait if you are interested in meeting them. Check out these dogs and many others at: LAAS

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