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Sunday, July 12, 2009

The Shelter Chronicles: Little dogs need help too.

Piper A1030756 2 years Terrier mix

What a sweet little kid! She recently had a large litter of 8 puppies at the shelter. She came in as a stray. Poor girl. She had her pups who are all happy and healthy, but she is now a free agent and can be adopted herself. Piper's fur got a little thinned out for some reason, maybe stress or hormones, but we are pretty certain that it will fill in nicely. Piper is a bubbly dog with a great personality. She's got lots of energy. However, she's really happy to sit on your lap as much as possible. She's a small girl so it's not a problem... This is a GREAT family dog. She is really special. Easy and adorable as can be. Come see what I mean.

Armani A1022855 1 year old Chihuahua mix

Armani has a sad story. This boy is RED LISTED since last week!!! No way you say? Well it's true! And let me tell you, he sure doesn't deserve it!
Armani came in as a stray back in April. He didn't get a lot of time before he was labeled as being not friendly (that dreaded yellow mark). I was also told that he was not dog friendly. Naturally the first thing I wanted to see when I took him out was how unfriendly was he? Big surprise, he was perfectly sweet and friendly. Armani isn't crazy about big dogs but he's probably never met one. As for dogs his size, he's cool with them as long as they are friendly. But even when they are not interested in him, he doesn't push too hard. So that was one rumor dispelled. This guy doesn't know much and my guess he lived a pretty sheltered life seeing that new things are a little over whelming to him. That said, we had him at an adoption event at the farmers market and he did great. He was a little over stimulated by the end but he held it together. This is not a hard dog. In fact he's a really sweet guy who is highly adoptable. I would suggest him for a family with older kids but not toddlers. Older folks, singles and everyone in between would be great for him. He's really a peach!
He's got less than a week people...

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