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Thursday, July 16, 2009

The remaining Bemis evidence dogs to be released!

Pls help the remaining four Bemis dogs still living at the shelter find forever homes now! Pls crosspost and network these dogs to any friends and family you know that could provide a loving, responsible home.

These dogs have been living at the shelter well over THREE YEARS now and we anticipate that these dogs will be released by the courts soon. They have been held at the shelter because they are involved in a court case involving animal abuse and neglect. They did nothing wrong other than having the misfortune of being hoarded by a woman who has been prosecuted for animal abuse, neglect & cruelty charges.

Samantha – Female Pure breed Akita, about 5 yrs. Old. Samantha is a friendly, easy going gal. She loves people and is just starved for affection. This picture does not show her well. In person, she truly is a very beautiful dog. She is looking for a loving, responsible forever family that will care for her.

Ollie – Male Kelpie mix, about 4 yrs old. Ollie is very shy, quiet and scared. Living at the shelter has been very hard for him. Ollie does have a wonderful foster family that will take him in as soon as he is released from the shelter. Ollie is looking for his forever home.

Joey – Male pit mix, about 5 yrs old. Joey. Joey is a good ol’ boy and loves people. Being in the kennel for so long makes him depressed and very sad. He enjoys being with people and being in the outdoors. Joey is looking for his forever family.

Lilly – Female Pit Mix, About 5 yrs old. Lilly is very sweet, affectionate and loves people. She adores anyone who will give her attention and she is just starved for affection. Lilly needs a forever home as soon as possible.

For additional info on these dogs, pls contact:

Stella Lee

Mobile (818) 349-4100

Email: stellalee9@yahoo.com

Helen Storey

Mobile (310) 488-1098

Email: helen.storey@verizon.net

Lenora Higgins

Mobile (626) 233-7387

Email: lhiggins@coh.org

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