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Friday, July 17, 2009

This just in from a fellow volunteer...

7 yr. old German Shepherd/Chow mix
Currently at the West Valley Shelter

Guiness has come a long way since a bit of a rocky start at the WLA shelter. He's very people friendly and responsive. Will run right along side of the volunteers without a leash, comes when called, and sits on command. Save your treats for dogs who will only respond to them; this sweetie should carry a sign saying "Will work for praise and petting!"

Though he is reactive when walking between the rows of barking dogs (like a lot of dogs), he has been tested with individual dogs and only displayed normal curiosity--no aggression.

Unfortunately, he recently got transferred to the West Valley Shelter, where he is now red listed, and his time is limited. One of our volunteers will offer some training/handling guidance for him if desired.

UPDATE: He is housed with another dog and gets along fine. Markedly decreased reactivity as I walked him past a few runs. He not only ran with me, but after I tired him out, also walked quietly by my side w/o a leash. Chased a ball, which I'd not seem him do at WLA--still needs work on the "drop it" part ;). Appreciate it if you could update the info on your blog about him. Thanks.


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