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Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Two Little guys who need a hand.

Rocky adopted at the SM event at Clover park!!! Now he's called Mongoose!!! Good luck Mongoose!!!
Rocky A1006426: 1 year old Chi mix

This guy is crazy cute and sweet as sugar. Somehow he was listed as aggressive for several weeks and relegated to the back room of the shelter. Now we've discovered he's been misunderstood. His previous home said he didn't like kids. We don't know the whole story though. I think as he is so young and impressionable that he may be okay with kids if supervised. I had so much fun with this little cutie, playing in the yard and snuggling up. Rocky has a gorgeous coat and is a perfect little size for an apartment.
Come meet this wonderful dog and give him a chance to prove how nice he is!

Bo Bo A1034229 Spaniel mix Still waiting!!!!
This little boy is so scared and sad that the shelter has green listed him because he is having such a hard time at the shelter. He's lost weight and is just not doing well at all. Volunteers who have seen this problem before have been spending time with him in his run and coaxing him out of his shell. We don't know much about this little cutie, but we do know he needs out of the shelter as soon as possible!!!!

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