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Tuesday, March 2, 2010

I love Cashew and you will too! Please circulate!

Here, have a Cashew. He's a tasty and delicious tiny treat...

Cashew being relinquished by his owner... sad.

Cashew A1091382, Pitbull, small, 8 months old!

$125 on Cashew! Please keep networking this tender soul. 34 lbs of brown sugar he is and we must help save him!

Here is what Kayta has to say about this pooch:

I was there when Cashew was being dumped by his owner - the day before Valentine's. The man didn't care that Cashew was scared, that he'd be the 100th Pitbull there, that he had to pull him on the rope (not leash) he had for him to get him through the door of South LA shelter.

Cashew is as gentle as a dog can be. He is timid and tender, sensitive and sweet. He is kenneled with a bolder, barkier dog and Cashew has made friends with him nonetheless. He would make friends with any dog, as Cashew never wants to make waves. This dog would get along with anyone - he would not hurt a fly! I don't know what Cashew has seen or been through to make him so shy and unsure, but I do know that in the 2 weeks he has been there, he has learned what a kind han
d feels like and he has learned to trust me on our walks together. He has also learned to enjoy the grass, to close his eyes with joy when I pet him, and even learned how to give kisses.
Cashew MUST be saved! For the love of Pitties everywhere, please, we must rescue this boy together! He needs a kind home, he needs some time and patience to come out of his shell, he needs to learn to play like an 8 month old pup should, but never could, before. He is so handsome with those green eyes and caramel coloring...and best of all he has a heart of gold. With love and care, he would no doubt bloom and be the most wonderful of pets.

Help me network Cashew! He has years of love to give if we help him - and he is on the alert list so he needs out asap. Time is of the essence, especially with all the animals coming in lately. Thank you for caring about Cashew.

South LA Shelter:
3612 11th Ave, 90018

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