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Sunday, May 9, 2010

Dog of the Week! Pauly, surely! plus a few others...

Pauly - A1100154

First off, we have Pauly. This little dude has been at the shelter since March which is pretty long for someone of this small stature and cuteness. I don't get it! He's really a good kid, once you get to know him. He's only about 3 years old or so. He has very striking features like his funny turned out feet (a la Dachshund) and amazing mask like markings. I really like him, he has spunk!

I guess one of the issues that Pauly has struggled with is his jealousy of other dogs when he's around people. He gets along with other dogs, don't get me wrong. He just tends to be a little protective about his personal interests when on the lap of a loved one. It doesn't take much to become a loved one of Pauly, he really likes people!

He's a great dog and very manageable. I think he might do better with someone who has some experience since he can be a tad bossy!

I hate when I have a bunch of dogs to post who have been at the shelter for MONTHS! Okay, at least they are still alive and we've been able to work with them a lot. Some of them have blossomed and have become shelter "favorites." Others, well, not so much... Mainly because they are so stressed out that they are not really thriving in this very stressful environment. Not every dog can handle that.

Tiger - A1079663

There are several exceptional Pit Bulls who have managed to not find homes yet. I've posted Tiger several times now and he's been on FB and on YouTube. He's a wonderful dog, very chill. He is a Shar Pei Pit mix. Tiger is one of the dogs who has really blossomed over the months thanks to his teacher, Deb Fan. He shows very well so we don't really know what's keeping someone from adopting him. I could be that he's so, well, polite.

For some reason most people seem to be turned off by dog's with understated behavior. I suppose that they don't feel that there is an instant connection. Personally, I like the quiet dogs that express their love more subtly. Anyway, Tiger is still at the shelter and he's been there is December! I guess it's lucky for him that he keeps a low profile.

Peanut - A1088572

Then we have a very sweet boy, Peanut, who has been at the shelter since January. What a great smile! He's kind of over living in such a small space when he so needs to get his ya-yas out... He is only a kid, just over a year old. However, he's big and strong and needs a leader who can show him the ropes. He's a very nice dog and he enjoys being with people. His champion, Deb Vigna, really likes him because he's a love bug! So, someone who would enjoy a big burly guy who wants to play and be a lover boy, would totally enjoy Peanut. He still needs some training so that would need to be a priority!!

Unfortunately for Peanut, his time is running out quickly and he may be transferred away from our shelter which might NOT be a good thing! Let's find him a home now...

Reggie - A1104261

This poor guy has been at the shelter about a month. He's listed as 13 years old, which I find hard to believe, but he is a senior. Despite this bad picture taken mid-bark, this guy is actually a real sweetheart. He's big and loud when he's in his kennel but when you take him out he softens right up and just becomes a big lug. He's very friendly and super sweet. I was pleasantly surprised at how cool he was when I met him face to face.

Reggie is very stressed out about his predicament and is trying to get your attention! He's not giving up either!! He's a vocal dog who is just expressing his unhappiness about being at the shelter when he's really just wanting to lie in the sun on a soft bed to relax. If you love shepherds, take a moment and meet Reggie. He really is a good guy!

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