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Tuesday, May 25, 2010

The Spudster! He was a hit at Best Friends, but still waiting...

Spud, A1101722, 3 yrs old

Spud is a total cutie pie and a big head! He's a Pit Bull Terrier/ Bull Terrier mix and he's full of fun. Spud likes to meet and play with other dogs. He loves people and he's just an all-around great dog. Due to his size and strength, he needs a good leader and would do best placed with older kids at least until he gets more training.

Spud had a great day at the recent Best Friends event and even with all the chaos around him, he was very happy and at ease. Yay Spud!

Spud has been evaluated as being a "highly adoptable dog" because he is very friendly and relatively easy to handle. This guy must be met to fully appreciate his adorable personality and big old head! He will make you laugh, that's a promise!

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