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Thursday, May 20, 2010

Film "No Kill" is on tonight on KCET at 10pm: Watch!


Every year, five million dogs and cats are killed in animal shelters across the United States. Most were once someone's pet. NO KILL documents the unending tidal wave of abandoned pets in the city of Los Angeles and how animal services staff and volunteers deal with the constant threat of euthanasia. Witness an intimate portrait of the shelter environment through the eyes of four surrendered pets - Penny, Dotchie, Patience, and Rex - and what fate awaits them.

NO KILL also shows us there is a better way. The largest animal shelter in Reno, Nevada, has embraced the No Kill philosophy, a restructuring of how animal shelters are run in order to drastically increase lifesaving and eliminate unnecessary euthanasia. Capture a glimpse into how a No Kill shelter works through the eyes of a dog named Charlie, a surrendered Brussels Griffon.

NO KILL tells the heartbreaking but inspirational story that befalls so many animals every day.

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