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Monday, May 24, 2010

Rocky & Penelope, love these two!

Penelope, 6 years old, Hound/Pit mix

This girl loves to play play play! You'd think she was a 2 year old rather than a 6 year old. She loves to hang out with a nice male dog who will bolster her confidence. Penelope is a very friendly girl, but a tad shy at times in new situations. Her confidence really increases when around other dogs. She would do best in a household with older kids and another dog to play with. She is super cute and looks like some kind of hound/Pit mix. Very pretty coloring. She's been at the shelter for a little too long now and for some reason no one has taken a fancy to her. You have to see her in action to appreciate how sweet and fun she is, but don't be deceived, she is quite strong!

Rocky, 2 years old, Bull Dog mix

Rocky is a character, plain and simple. He looks very concerned in this photo, but normally he's just a silly little guy. He's kind of short and stubby while sporting this over-sized head! Really funny looking, but in that EXTREMELY cute way. Rocky's a real lover boy, he just adores people and will roll over for a belly rub. He's also very playful! He's just a bundle of laughs to be around. He's a great dog for someone who isn't looking for a high energy dog, he's happy to hang out after a lap around the yard. That's part of his charm! He has met other dogs his size and did well. Generally, I suggest a male dog be placed with a female. He can be a little dominant in certain situations but Rocky takes corrections really well. I think he'd be a fun dog for a family with older kids or just someone looking for a loving companion!

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