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Tuesday, February 5, 2008

Check out Bailey Rae at the West LA City Animal Shelter

Bailey Rae #A858630
Boxer mix, under 2 years, medium size
She's been at the shelter way too long...
This is a beautiful dog inside and out! Bailey Rae loves other dogs and loves to play with dogs. She is very friendly and sweet natured with people. Her training is going well. She can be a bit leash reactive when she sees other dogs. This could also be frustration, but it isn't any kind of aggression and is a very trainable behavior to fix. She has her "sit" "down" and sometimes "stay" but overall I would say she is manageable if she is exercised.
Currently she is rooming with a very large/friendly/playful Pit Bull named Shane. (kind of funny as he is a tank!) She really likes to have company (even Shane!). This girl would be a great dog for sports like Agility or Fly Ball. She is athletic and high energy so no couch potatoes need apply; although you don't have to be an Olympic athlete either. Are you looking for a running/walking partner perhaps?
Recently B.R. had her tail cropped due to several tail injuries from uber wags! Poor kid. So, now she looks more like the traditional Boxer. I see this dog with a family who has the time and interest to include her in their activities. I DON'T see her as an outdoor only dog or a dog who is left to her own devices all day with nothing to do. As I said earlier, she needs exercise or she'll go bonkers. Don't get me wrong, she calms down once she gets her ya-yas out, but she needs that release. Long walks, dog park or throwing the ball in the backyard, she'll love all of it.

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