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Friday, February 29, 2008

The Shelter Chronicles: Cream of the Crop

Cream: Saved by the "belle" (my friend, Laurie Shishino)

This is a wonderful story! Thanks to the efforts of Laurie and Rande of KARMA, this guy was saved from certain death. Cream is a deaf Pit Bull who was designated as "dangerous" at the shelter. Despite this, Laurie, one of our most experienced dog handlers, worked with him and found a trainer who specializes in deaf dogs to help. When it became obvious that Cream was in trouble, Laurie took the reins and started to make phone calls. She contacted Rande at Karma, who then contacted Via Lobos rescue, who so kindly made room for Cream when they heard his plight. Laurie and her boyfriend drove Cream up to Villa Lobos and it all went smoothly. Personally, I think he was happy as a clam to get out of town! Going to Villa Lobos will be a wonderful chance for Cream as they have incredible love for and experience with Pit Bulls. He turned out to be one heck of a good boy thanks to those kind souls who had faith in him.
P.S. Is it my imagination or does cream have a heart-shaped nose!???

Another great Rescue story: Josie (originally Lola) gets a REAL chance at life!

I'm so lucky to be a volunteer at the WLA Animal Shelter. Not only do I get to meet and become friends with some of the coolest dogs ever, but I get to work along side some of the coolest PEOPLE ever. My good friend, Debbie Fan, who is a wonderful dog trainer and big-hearted human recently had to make a difficult decision. Josie and her kennel mate and we think relative were both headed towards their demise. The problem was that she and her kennel mate escaped from their kennel and attacked another dog. Luckily there were only minor injuries, but both dogs were deemed "aggressive." Debbie knew that Josie/Lola was actually a very sweet girl and didn't deserve this bad rap. Debbie came to the rescue and ADOPTED Josie/Lola herself! Josie joins Dante, Debbie's other WLA rescue dog, and so far they are living together happily. I'm not sure right now if Debbie is "fostering" Josie or keeping her but I will keep you posted. By the way, Debbie is doing an incredible job with Josie's training! Josie is an adorable little black Pit mix who is energetic and playful. Here are Josie and Dante at play. Sweet!

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