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Tuesday, February 26, 2008

The Shelter Chronicles: Whata Weekend!

Rayna, Charla, Sam, a bunch o' volunteers
It's the Grand Opening at the Shelter!

Shadow ID #A785075
Home Needed!!

We seem to have an endless supply of Black and white Pit mixes at WLA. It's crazy! This guy, Shadow was recently adopted to a pair of vets (the animal kind) who seemed like the perfect parents for this lovely dog. However, the people took too much for granted too soon by leaving Shadow alone in the yard with their 10 year old Pit while they went out. No one knows what provoked the fight, it could have been the neighbor's kids, but upon their return they found their 10 year old Pit bull with severe leg injuries requiring surgery.

You can't blame Shadow as this was a fairly new situation for him and it was too early in their relationship to leave the dogs alone. We also don't know why they got into it? Was it a food issue? Was it some other outside factor? We also don't know which dog started the fight. I definitely understand why the people decided not to keep Shadow, but it definitely makes his chances of finding a home MUCH more difficult. Very sad...

Shadow is a wonderful dog who is confident and smart. He was part of our dog training class and one of our best students. He is definitely best as the ONLY dog due to the event I described above, but he is not dog aggressive or reactive. I mean, he was in a kennel with other dogs for quite a while prior to his adoption and perhaps he would do best with a female dog. Regardless, I would be very cautious with introducing any new dog to an established family, "go slow" is the operative word. Anyway, I really think Shadow is a good dog and deserves a good loving home. I always feel that Pit Bulls should be with a knowledgeable dog person who will continue their training. No slackers please! Any takers out there????

This weekend was the big Grand Opening at WLA. There were lots of people and local politicians at the event. Speeches were made, hands were shook, pictures taken, etc. etc. The community support was great and many people donated their time and services to make the event a big success.

Charla, our fearless Volunteer Coordinator, worked her butt off to prepare for the event, as did her many elves (aka the volunteers). Mr. Seth, our unseen pet photographer, took all these pix, by the way. Sam, the New Hope Coordinator, was a busy bee all day, seen here on puppy duty. Above, you can see Rayna doing some agility with Penny the wonder dog, Charla's foster dog (in other words: available). Incredible!

The other pix are of me and some of the insane volunteers at WLA. I say insane because they are as obsessed about our shelter dogs as I am! What a great bunch of people we are, if I do say so myself (in the spirit of the Academy Awards).

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