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Tuesday, February 12, 2008

The Shelter Chronicles: Boo, returned yet again...

"Boo"-Cattle dog mix-under 1 year old-medium size-ID #A892330
at the West LA Animal Shelter

First off, have you ever seen a cooler looking dog? This is Boo, an amazing Cattle dog mix. He's still a puppy and it's very obvious when you spend a little time with him. He is energetic and playful. He seems to boing around happily, even at the shelter. He is sweet as can be.

Boo also gets along with other dogs very well. His kennel mate is Westchester a shy gray Pit Bull who is much bigger and stronger than Boo, but they get along great! It's really fun to watch them play.

So, what's the problem??? Why has he been returned to the shelter twice after being adopted?

Well, truly, there is no problem. Neither adoption stuck because the adopter was either uninformed about the breed or totally uncommitted to having the dog or both. Let's assume that the person didn't know about Cattle dogs and herding breeds in general. These are dogs who are highly intelligent, energetic and hard wired to herd. I was in the yard with Boo and he wanted the treat that I had in my bag so he followed me circling around me the entire time in hopes of getting me to do what he wanted. It was funny, but at the same time it made me think, wow, this is a dog who NEEDS a job and plenty of activity.

Boo would be a great dog for active adults or a family who is on the go and will include the dog. He would be an amazing dog for agility or herding activities. He would also enjoy running and hiking. I would also think this dog would go crazy at home all day with no activities. In fact, he was returned for chewing things up... Dogs with this kind of energy and intelligence just don't do well in confinement without something to do.

My recommendation to the adopter of Boo would be to exercise the dog a lot, do not give the dog run of the house when you are not home, leave the dog something to do while you are gone (a toy like a buster cube), and, of course, TRAINING!! Also, it would really help to learn about the breed BEFORE adopting.... I just don't think he's the right dog for a first time dog owner.

I sincerely hope that someone with a lot of energy adopts Boo. He's a really fun dog and just needs some patience and understanding to be the best dog ever.

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