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Monday, February 18, 2008

The Shelter Chronicles: Sam & Dino are Best Buddies

Sam, A951861, 8+ years old


Dino, A951863, 8+ years old

Best Buddies & Seniors for Seniors

The WLA Shelter has two great programs to help get more dogs adopted. Seniors for Seniors is a program where people over 62 can adopt a dog over 8 years old for, get this, NOTHING, NADA, FREE! The shelter will not charge for the spay/neuter, microchip or license. This makes so much sense since most of these dogs would be perfect for a senior person.

The other program is where 2 dogs who are bonded are designated as Best Buddies. This means that if you adopt one, you get the other for practically nothing. The shelter won't charge the adopter for the spay/neuter or the microchip which saves them a lot of money. I mean it's practically two for one!

The reason I'm telling you about these deals is one, to encourage adoptions of bonded pairs and older dogs and two, to get you out to WLA to adopt these two GREAT dogs, DINO and SAM! (pictures shown above taken by a volunteer!)

Dino and Sam are both super sweet and mellow. They are so happy to just hang out together and with you. I really love taking them out into the yard for a little romp. They follow me all around and Sam always keeps an eye on his pal, Dino. All the volunteers love them.

Dino is really beautiful with a gorgeous fluffy coat. He's a larger medium size dog and probably has some shepherd or collie in there. He has very soulful eyes. Dino loves attention and likes to be brushed. He also likes his food! Dino is spunky, but mellow. Just right for anyone.

Sam is adorable. Take a look at his sweet expression. He is probably a Chow mix. He loves to be around people for some loving. He has a bit of arthritis so he limps a little and can be slow moving. He is just a chill boy looking to relax and enjoy his golden years.

If you know anyone in the market for a calm mature dog, these guys are it! Plus you can take advantage of either Best Buddies or Seniors for Seniors and get two great dogs instead of one! I can't believe these guys are still available... so hurry up!

UPDATES: Muse was adopted!

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