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Thursday, February 21, 2008

The Shelter Chronicles: Image is Everything

Special thanks to Seth Casteel of Little Friends Fine Art Pet Photography for donating his time and talent to the shelter. You can see the difference it makes having a good photo where the dog is relaxed as opposed to the scary intake photo... Which dog would you adopt?
All of the good shots of animals presently on the WLA shelter website were taken by Seth. I always try to use his photos on this blog.

Check out Seth's work at www.littlefriendsphoto.com and take your new (or not so new) dog to a fabu photo shoot with Seth!

Oh, btw, the dog on the bottom is still AVAILABLE! Her name is Missy and she's very sweet. She's Medium size, young and gets along with other dogs. Needless to say, she's pretty too. More info on her later as I haven't worked with her yet... ID#A828619 (the other 2 dogs were adopted!)

Hey, the big GRAND OPENING of the new WLA Animal Shelter on Pico Blvd./Purdue Ave in WLA is this weekend, Saturday, Feb.23rd! Come by and meet all the folks who run the place as well as volunteers, dogs, cats, bunnies, etc. I will be there along with Rayna Barker and the other volunteer dog trainers doing a dog training exhibition. Plus, there will be all kinds of entertainment going on to celebrate the new facility. Come check it out! It starts around 11am.

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