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Sunday, June 22, 2008

The Shelter Chronicles: Still waiting...

Here are some of the dogs I've shown on this blog
in the past but are still at the shelter waiting, waiting, waiting.
These are all great dogs but for some reason they can't find a home
or find the right home. If you know anyone looking for a wonderful
dog, here are some great ones...

Sugar A923887
Pit mix? 2 years old, VERY SWEET with people, Should be only dog!
We used her for a news story at the shelter. She was so cute. Loves
to just hang out with that special someone.

Negra A932279
Senior Rottie about 8 years old, Very sweet with people.
Should be only dog. Very strong but mellow!

Caramel A915679
This is the sweetest girl! Pit mix, about 2 years old. She is great all around.
She loves people so much. She's highly trainable. Loves the belly rubs.
Not sure why she is overlooked.

Eli A901017
This guy has so much potential! He's very bright and energetic.
He just needs the right environment. He was out of the shelter for about
a month and then returned. Apparently he didn't like being left alone
in the yard all day!

Cole A910874
I love Cole! He's a senior fellow around 9 years old. Lots of personality!
He can play fetch as long as you can throw. Not bad for 9 years old. He is fine
with other large dogs if they are mellow and not jumping on him.

Angel A919365
This girl is sooooo sweet! Pit mix around 2 years old.
She's a little shy and needs some socialization.
She is very gentle and just needs some TLC. Shy with other dogs but can

Jiggley A533240
Jiggley is a great Shepherd mix at around 5 years old. Was adopted
returned due to the family moving. :-( She is just an all around
wonderful family dog. Good with other dogs.

Paolo A922555
This guy is so cute. Pit mix around 2 years old. He is a bundle of
energy that needs training. He's very trainable but for someone with
experience and time to give him. He's a very sweet guy and
very funny. What a face!

Cooper A910483
Cooper is a beautiful Pit mix around 4 years old. He is gorgeous.
Super playful, athletic, loves people. Should be only dog. He is a great dog
for the right person who is willing to work with him.

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