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Monday, June 30, 2008

The Shelter Chronicles: The Shelter Explodes with the Cutest Dogs!

Come visit us over the 4th of July weekend!
wonderful new pix by Seth Casteel of Little Friends Photos!

Dillon A0949614
Shepherd mix, under 1 year. Gorgeous and sweet puppy. Great with other dogs. Fearful at the shelter and has had some issues with re-directing when he's afraid. Terrific otherwise. He's responded very positively to training. We've introduced him to other dogs and he is submissive with them! This guy just needs a chance to learn and grow up in a normal environment. Probably best in an all adult environment.

Marvin A0929318
What a pretty dog! He looks like there's some kind of Spitz breed in there, maybe Chow? Taller than a Chow though. Probably around 3 years old or less. He's got tons of energy and just wants to have fun! Great dog for an active person looking for a fun-loving companion. Right now he's working on his obedience training. He's really a sweet guy, just needs a little guidance to get him on the right track!

Scully A0936867
This girl's got some crazy ears! So cute!! Scully is a great size dog, definitely medium! kind of Lab mix or something? Such a striking girl, she has a lustrous black coat. Apparently her only issue right now, is that she's a bit dog reactive. Could just be lack of socialization and a treatable behavior. Hey, who needs another dog anyway, when you have this groovy chick?!

Hazel A0926394
What a perfect black Lab type dog. I'm guessing she's around 6 years old. She is the sweetest kid, all belly rubs and kisses. What a doll. A pleasure to be around. At the shelter, she's been very reactive to other dogs so, possibly an only dog situation. Really an easy girl and would be great with older folks or people who just don't want to go to dog parks and such. Great dog!

Casper A0936967
Casper is a fascinating creature. He's a young Pit Bull. He has an amazing face with piercing blue eyes. When he came to the shelter he was labeled as "aggressive." Naturally, after a little patience by one of our amazing volunteers, it was discovered that Casper was indeed a friendly ghost (just a little fearful) AND he is deaf. So our volunteer continues to work with him and he's doing great! What a sweetie. He's coming out of his shell and making great strides. He is a dog for an experienced dog person and preferably someone who either knows how to work with a deaf dog or willing to learn. He should be the only dog.

Bones A0945595
Bones is so sweet just a big puppy. He loves people and is crazy for playing fetch. What a doll. He is a beautiful Pit mix, nice size with dazzling green eyes! He can't be more than 2 years old. He has lots of energy and wants to interact with people as much as possible. Such a fun dog for a family who wants to have fun with him!

Luna A0838820
Luna is a Rottweiler mix who is under 3 years old. This girl is so wonderful! She's at the shelter due a home foreclosure! So sad... Luna is great with other dogs. She is incredibly easy on the leash. This is as close to a perfect dog as it gets. I love her! Plus, she's smaller than a Rottie so she's a great size. She's a winner! Luna came in with her daughter who is under 1 year, see below.

Star A0955310
Okay, if you don't think this dog is adorable, you are nuts! She looks just like her pretty momma Luna, just smaller as she's not full grown yet. Star seems to be a lot like her mom in personality however, she is very frightened at the shelter. She is very loving and sweet, just a little nervous, but in a totally non-aggressive way. It would be so cool if Luna and Star would get adopted together, but it's not mandatory. She's a doll!

See you there!

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