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Sunday, June 29, 2008

The Shelter Chronicles: Rocky adopted! and other good stuff...

The Last Picture of Rocky!

No longer a NUMBER, just a cute doggie!

Yay! Finally, one of our longest residents of WLA animal shelter found a home! Let's wish him good luck in his wonderful new life! xoxo
Oh, and here's one more picture of this good boy for good luck. I'll miss you Rockster!


Remember this good boy?! Yes, it's Westchester!

Westchester was definitely a volunteer favorite. He was the most shy dog we almost ever had at WLA. Just petrified of everyone and everything. It took many months of TLC, but eventually he came around and began learning to love people. What a fantastic dog he became, inside and out! I think all of us who worked with him will always have very fond memories of his renaissance.
Finally after many months at the shelter, attending MPAs and rooming with many different dogs (because he was our doggie ambassador), Westchester's ship came in! And boy did it! He now lives with his loving family including two wonderful women and two other doggies. Now they all hang out together and do family outings together. It's the greatest thing ever. If any dog had it coming in a good way, it was Westchester (now known as Blue).
I just found out that the family is moving to Texas, so although we won't be able to see Blue, we really hope to keep up with his progress. Good luck to our very good boy!!


  1. Where is Luna? Didn't you take any pictures of her?

  2. Where is Luna? Didn't she take any pictures?


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