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Wednesday, June 18, 2008

The Shelter Chronicles: the dogs of summer

Jackson A0929550

Rocky A0899965


You know, I'm always going on and on about all the great dogs at WLA, but what exactly makes these dogs so great anyway? Why is it that we volunteers can see something special in just about every dog? I really don't know... All I know is whenever I take out a new dog and see their sweet side (which every dog has), I'm usually hooked immediately.

What is it about shelter dogs that I love so much? Is it their unflappable trust in humankind? Is it their unstoppable lust for life? I think that shelter dogs are incredibly positive forces of nature. I know that when I work with dogs at the shelter my own level of optimism increases immensely. Shelter dogs just prove to me that you have to be positive to transcend the often ugly realities of life.

Anyway, even though we had another ruff day at Roxbury Park last week trying to get some dogs adopted, it was still a pretty day out at the park. Not much in the way in adoptions unfortunately. Not even one small dog! Where is everyone? Are they already off on vacation somewhere? Maybe that's the problem of having an adoption fair in Bev Hills, everyone is always off on some swanky vacation!

The three dogs above are some long termers who attended the event last week:

First, I have Jackson, the 2 year old (if that) Boarder Collie mix who has been with us at WLA for way too long now.
(actually he was adopted and returned for being hyper! duh!) He's very sweet and extremely energetic. Love those ears!! This dog needs a job or he will be getting into all kinds of trouble! What I found out about Jackson at the event last week is that he loves water. This explains why he always looks wet at the shelter, he must be rolling around in the hose when they clean the run! He went right into the wading pool last week and just stood in there! So funny.

Jackson definitely needs training and lots and lots of exercise. He'd be great for a runner and hiker. Jackson gets along with other dogs, but does better in an off leash situation. He's a puller on leash so I'm working with him on that issue, plenty of leash work in his future. The other thing that is really great is that Jackson is a quick study. He learns things so fast and is food motivated. An 8 week training class would do so much for this doggie. Anyway, if you are active, looking for a highly trainable dog, Jackson is your guy!

Next, is Rocky the Chow mix with the lustrous black coat. He's around 2 years old or less. In fact, he used to room with Jackson at one time. Now Rocky rooms with Brooks, a big black Pit bull. I love Rocky, he is such a good boy. He really likes other dogs and is learning to meet them nicely. He's super playful. I have yet to find out anything negative about this dog. He definitely needs exercise! We were teaching him to jump over a bar like you see in agility. He was a natural! I think Rocky would be fine for a newbie dog owner as he seems to be highly trainable and not too high maintenance. Come check him out at WLA!!! He has been in the shelter system since last November people!!!!

Last, but not least, is Petey. He used to room with Moe, the dog he came in with way back when. Moe was adopted last weekend so now Petey is on his own looking for a nice home. He is a gorgeous Pointer mix. So pretty! He's a lovely dog. Petey loves to meet new dogs. He's super friendly with both animals and people. He's not too bad on leash either. He knows how to sit for treats. Overall a very excellent dog who really needs a nice home, preferably with a yard.

His only issue may be his barking which is more out of frustration so that could improve in a calm home environment. Not sure how he is with kids, but I think he'd be fine. He doesn't jump on people so my feeling is he'd be fine with a family. The shelter has him listed as 8 years old, but I think he's more like 6 years old. Don't go by the shelter info, they are usually guessing too!

All the above dogs have been at the shelter a very long time! If you want a great dog, come check these cuties out today!!! PLEASE!

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